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Download: Every Man's Guide to DCOM

Learn what you need to know about the adverse effects DCOM can have on OPC communications and the easiest ways to prevent them.

Created for busy professionals, MatrikonOPC 's “Every Man’s Guide To DCOM” webcast provides relevant information in an easy to understand, straight forward manner that uses minimal technical jargon.

Starting with the basics, “Every Man’s Guide To DCOM” clearly explains how OPC Client and OPC Server communications rely on Microsoft Windows DCOM and Security, what the potential pitfalls and limitations are, and how to avoid them.

Next, the webcast shows you how to take OPC communications beyond DCOM limitations using standards based solutions that make OPC connections truly secure and resilient to disconnections - no matter what vendors' OPC Client or OPC Server you are using.

Whether you are an advanced OPC user or just starting out - MatrikonOPC's " Every Man's Guide " webcast series provides you with the right mix of theory and practical knowledge to help you best understand how to get the most from OPC for your control data communications.

Main teaching points:

  • Connectivity Vision of OPC
  • Concise DCOM overview including explanation of terms like COM, OLE and their relation to DCOM
  • Common DCOM issues associated with OPC communications
  • Overcoming DCOM issues with standards based technology
  • Understanding how security can be implemented in remote OPC connections

Best of all, you can immediately apply what you learn in this webcast no matter which vendor's OPC drivers you are using because OPC is a vendor neutral technology.

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¿Habla Español? La Guía Para la Persona Común de DCOM (en español)
Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Einführung in die DC

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