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Download: The Basics of OPC - Part 2 - Practical Implementation webcast

The MatrikonOPC's webcast "The Basics of OPC - Part 2 - Practical Implementation" builds on previous webcast "The Basics of OPC - Part One - Theoretical". It is focused on providing attendees with an Introduction to the practical uses of OPC. This webcast and will provide students with the tools necessary to implement an OPC Server for communication to a data source.

This webcast will allow for students to understand what configuration parameters are required to create a connection between OPC Server and a field device. Students will also be introduced to OPC clients and what role they play in the client/server architecture.

The Basics of OPC webcast series provides something for everyone. Whether you are an advanced user, or just starting out, the Basics of OPC Webcast will provide you the knowledge to hone your skills.

Main teaching points:

  • Vision of OPC Technology
  • Connection Parameters in a sample OPC Server
  • Configuration of the OPC client
  • OLE for Process Control (OPC) is a new technology designed to bridge Windows based applications and process control hardware. It is an open standard that permits a consistent method of accessing field data from plant floor devices. This method remains the same regardless of the type and source of data. Therefore, end users are not bound to a single vendor for their data architectures.

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