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Download: Real-time Shopfloor Integration with Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center using MatrikonOPC (Performance Testing)

Oracle® Manufacturing Operations Center is a standalone solution that delivers real-time operational intelligence with its own S95-based data model (separate from ERP). Architected to be ERP agnostic, it is designed as a unified plant data repository with integration to ERP, MES, data historians, SCADA and other types of shopfloor systems. To gather real-time streaming data from plant equipment and control systems, Oracle has enlisted some key partners such as MatrikonOPC. MatrikonOPC’s OPC software can be configured to collect specific device tags in real-time and transfer them over to Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center which then contextualizes and aggregates the data into role based dashboards and specific KPIs including OEE. Partnership with companies like MatrikonOPC gives Oracle an opportunity to provide connectivity to 100s of protocols and a wide variety of control equipment.

To provide third party oversight and perform rigorous testing and certification of the integration between Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center and MatrikonOPC’s OPC server, Oracle has enlisted help from Geometric Ltd. As a part of their relationship with Oracle, Geometric has set up an Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center Lab in its Pune facility with complete test setup of Oracle e-Business Suite, Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center, connectivity solutions from Oracle’s shop-floor communication provider partners to mimic a realistic shop-floor systems environment. In this lab, the solutions from Oracle’s shop-floor communication provider partners are tested and certified for flawless connectivity and integration with Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center. This report summarizes test setup, scenarios, procedures & results for MatrikonOPC’s OPC server & data connector.

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