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Download: OPC Redundancy – Power of Prevention

Although the stability of off-the-shelf computer hardware and operating systems has improved significantly over the last few years, system failures can and still do occur. A proper redundant OPC architecture can prevent these component failures from leading to loss of control or a disruption of electrical service. In order to ensure the constant operation of their OPC applications, industry leaders turn to OPC vendors and products like MatrikonOPC that provide mission critical redundancy.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? OPC-Redundanz – Ausfällen vorbeugen (Deutsch)
¿Habla Español? Redundancia OPC– El Poder de la Prevención (Español)
Onlar Türkçe konusurlar? OPC Yedekliliği - Korunmanın Gücü (Türkçe)

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