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Download: Matrikon OPC Tunneller™ Software Release Notes & Manual

Companies wishing to use OPC technology to link operators and engineers with plant devices often encounter communications problems. The majority of these problems occur not during normal operation but at the time of installation. Quite often plant engineers face difficulties configuring cross-network communication, windows authentication, and start up and run-time permissions.

OPC Tunneller™ software aims to alleviate many of these problems by providing a mechanism for OPC data communication without the use of distributed COM (DCOM). The primary issues that Tunneller addresses are:

  • It allows cross domain and cross workgroup communication with minimal
        network configuration
  • It bypasses Microsoft Windows network authentication used by DCOM
  • Provide a finer level of control over communication timeouts

  • By eliminating these common DCOM hurdles, the Matrikon OPC Tunneller™ software will enable the smoothest possible installation and operation of OPC technology in any environment.
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