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Download: The Matrikon® Vendor Partner Program (VPP)


The Matrikon® Vendor Partner Program (VPP) offers Vendors an exciting new avenue to expand their business with three key approaches:

1. Bundled Solutions
2. Integrated Solutions
3. Embedded Solutions

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The program is designed for Vendor Partners that develop and sell business solutions, Hardware or Software that will benefit from open access to automation data sources and want to leverage the Matrikon® Interoperability brand.

Vendor Reseller partners are eligible to participate in the VPP program whether it’s hardware or software as a product. Any Vendor partner that can leverage Matrikon Interoperability can benefit as a member of this partnership program.

Matrikon® software drivers and products have been built on a solid foundation of quality for over 20 years. We take great pride in ensuring that our products are truly "Industrial Strength".

Matrikon® is the world’s leading OPC training and educational resource provider. From its global, multilingual, hands-on OPC workshops to self-directed web-based courses - Matrikon® has OPC training options to suit industry’s needs. Known for its pragmatic "Learn from those who do" approach, Matrikon® offers a unique OPC training experience only instructors with extensive onsite OPC project expertise can deliver. As the most recognized OPC Certification program in the market, Matrikon® Training takes their graduate’s careers to the next level by distinguishing them as a Matrikon® Certified Professional.

Support Services provided to our Vendor Partners include product support, support implementations, installations, consulting, and product training. Vendors can choose the level of support that will best serve their end-users and their business.

The goal of every maintenance program is to keep the system running effectively. The key to achieving this is ensuring that your software is always up to date. The Matrikon® software engineers are constantly working on making our products more robust and adding new function. This maximizes the benefit that you receive from our software.

We offer our partners the opportunity to work with us on joint marketing efforts to promote the vendor solution.

If you want to be part of this program, please contact:

Drew Brydon
Senior Account Manager – OEM Strategies
Phone. +1.780.801.6354
Cell: +1.587.712.7222


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