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Download: [Co-Hosted Webinar] OPC UA vs. Classic OPC – Why Switch and How to Get Started

The need for an open, secure way to exchange meaningful 3rd-party data between shop-floor systems, the enterprise, and the cloud is pushing “seamless data interoperability” to the forefront of key-to-compete requirements in the Industrie4.0 (I4.0) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) era.

While the OPC UA standard, is globally emerging as the open data interoperability platform of choice, professionals new to OPC UA, the IIoT, and I4.0 often have fundamental questions about OPC UA, how it relates to other data technologies, and how it can be practically incorporated into new and legacy environments.

To help answer these important questions, this webcast provides clear, easy to understand explanations about the pragmatic value of OPC UA and why it should become part of your future business infrastructure sooner than later.

Regardless of whether you are an automation end-user tasked with helping your company become more competitive or an automation vendor developer tasked with creating your company’s next-generation industrial automation-related product.

Download this webinar co-hosted between Matrikon and Beeond to get straight, pragmatic information about what OPC UA has to offer.

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