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Download: [Co-Hosted Webinar] How to use OPC UA Information Modeling to Maximize the Value of Your IIoT/I4.0 Products

OPC UA based open data connectivity and Information Modeling are fast becoming essential capabilities control automation products need to implement to compete in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie 4.0 (I4.0) era. While implementing OPC UA data connectivity unlocks the door for your products to play a role in digital transformation solutions, enabling your products to express that data in full context using OPC UA Information Modeling swings that door wide open and gives you a competitive advantage.

Created for embedded and application developers, automation managers, system integrators, and end-users; this co-hosted webinar between Matrikon and Beeond provides a concise, practical explanation of key Information Modeling concepts and demonstrates an actual information model and how it can be implemented.

Key topics covered include:
  • What is information modeling (semantic and meta)
  • Why Information modeling is a must have for control automation products going forward
  • How developers can quickly:  
  • - Define, edit, and generate information models for their products.  
  • - Visualize the model in a general purpose OPC UA client  
  • How to easily build an OPC UA server that uses real information models using the Matrikon® FLEX OPC UA SDK.
  • Live demonstration ..and more

Download this video recording and watch it anytime!

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