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Download: Petrochemical Plant Uses MatrikonOPC to connect Multiple Intellution iFIX Nodes to a Honeywell PHD Process Historian

"Since the MatrikonOPC solution was integrated the system has been performing very well, without any problems"
Applications Engineer, Major Petrochemical Plant

Having the information needed to make key decisions is crucial in today’s processing industry. Whether it is a plant floor operator making minute-to-minute decisions or a project manager scheduling production, access to historical process data is required. When a major petrochemical plant needed to transfer historical data from the plant’s main process historian, a Honeywell PHD, to a number of individual Intellution iFIX SCADA terminals, they looked to MatrikonOPC to provide the required connectivity.

The plant's applications engineer equipped the plant’s Honeywell PHD with MatrikonOPC’s Server for Honeywell PHD. Next, the MatrikonOPC Server for Intellution iFIX was configured to connect to the iFIX SCADA stations. To facilitate communication between the two OPC servers, MatrikonOPC’s Data Manager was integrated. Data Manager is an OPC client that marshals the transfer of data between two or more servers, which enabled data to be passed and shared between the process historian and the multiple SCADA nodes.

The integrated solution enabled process engineers and operations to obtain the historical data needed to troubleshoot problems and take corrective action.

"Since the MatrikonOPC solution was integrated the system has been performing very well, without any problems," says the applications engineer. "MatrikonOPC was recommended by a colleague and our experience was good. Their technical support is very competent."



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