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Download: Petrochemical Plant Replaces Legacy Equipment and Integrates MatrikonOPC to Connect Honeywell TDC3000 with Tricon and Modbus PLC

"MatrikonOPC provided us with good quality servers that helped make the project a success."
Senior Control Systems Engineer, Major Petrochemical Company

A senior control systems engineer was presented with the task of upgrading legacy equipment at an olefins and aromatics plant in the U.S. The plant's main control system was powered by a Honeywell TDC3000 equipped with a Universal Station. Hardwired to the control system was a safety critical annunciator and several high-speed chart recorders. The scope of the project involved replacing legacy equipment with OPC-compliant applications.

The initial stage of the project replaced the Universal Station with Honeywell's WebGUS to serve as the primary HMI application. The WebGUS was then interfaced with the safety critical system, a Triconex via MatrikonOPC's Server for Triconex Tricon. To handle the high speed trending, Jemmac's Sapphire Trending connected to a Modicon Momentum M1E micro PLC via OPC Server for Modbus. In total, 750 points were connected and polled every second.

Project integration went smoothly and, the system has been running without any problems since the legacy system was replaced.

"MatrikonOPC provided us with good quality servers that helped make the project a success," the engineer says.

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