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Download: Remote Data Acquisition Made Simple

Data from remote locations represents a crucial part of the overall information companies need to collect, analyze, and report on for internal and regulatory purposes. Acquiring this remote data has traditionally been challenging for reasons ranging from data loss due to unreliable network connectivity to remote computer failures brought on by harsh environmental conditions and operating system crashes. With over 15 years of experience working with SCADA implementations and data connectivity, Matrikon has simplified the task of acquiring remote data and forwarding it to a central location by combining all required functionality in a single, purpose built, device called the Matrikon Data Logger.

Download this short, informative webcast recording to learn how Matrikon Data Logger enables you to:

  • capture data and access it on location at remote sites
  • ensure all remotely archived data is transferred to your central store (regardless of what historian you use)
  • reduce the cost of deploying and maintaining your remote data infrastructure
  • eliminate the need for deploying PCs in the field

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