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Download: Queensland Nickel relies on OPC in safe Burner Management System

"We view MatrikonOPC as experts on OPC, and that’s one of the reasons why we selected them for this project"

Roaster at Yalabu Queensland Nickel (QNI), an Australian nickel and cobalt company, needed reliable data access for their boiler control so they turned to MatrikonOPC to make the connection.

The project specified an ABB 800xA DCS system for the boiler control and a Triconex Trident SIS (Safety Instrumented System) for the BMS (Burner Management System) on each boiler. All connectivity was achieved through OPC.

A pair of MatrikonOPC Servers for Triconex was installed, and integrated seamlessly with the ABB 800xA DCS to provide a high integrity redundant and safe control system for the boilers. The servers provide high-speed process and SOE (Sequence of Events) data. They also offer built-in redundancy features that allow continued data flow in the event of communications failure with the primary Triconex Trident Network Module (NM).

"We view MatrikonOPC as experts on OPC, and that’s one of the reasons why we selected them for this project", commented the QNI control specialist who worked on the project. “MatrikonOPC was able to successfully bridge the ABB and Triconex systems together.”

In addition to reliable and redundant data access, the server provided other benefits. Tim Newbury, the project leader for Matrikon Australia commented: "The hierarchical alias feature of the MatrikonOPC Triconex server allowed the project team to group individual OPC items to match the ABB 800xA object-oriented system. This key feature (found in all MatrikonOPC servers) allowed for very rapid integration of the Triconex Trident with the ABB 800xA DCS, ultimately reducing engineering development time for future projects and improving the efficiency of implementation."

Queensland Nickel is the Australian nickel operation of parent BHP Billiton's international business. It is involved in the exploration, mining, processing, and marketing of high quality nickel and cobalt.
QNI's Yabulu Refinery, near Townsville in North Queensland, Australia, produces high-purity nickel and cobalt products that are used in the manufacture of stainless steel, specialty steels, alloys and chemicals. The refinery exports approximately 32,000 tons of nickel and nearly 2,000 tons of cobalt a year to customers worldwide.

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