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Download: OPC Security You can Bank On – in a Post Stuxnet World Webcast

OPC based data communications over Ethernet make data sharing among control automation systems and the enterprise possible and raise business agility to a new level. Unfortunately, as attacks like Stuxnet demonstrate: with open connectivity comes the urgent need for effective security.

Watch this recorded webcast to get a clear overview of the types of security issues you need to know about, understand the threat they present to your system, and learn what you can do to eliminate them.

Discussion points include:

  • Difference between securing your network traffic and implementing OPC Security
  • What an OPC friendly firewall is and why how it is different from typical corporate firewalls
  • How to secure your legacy OPC systems - avoiding premature end-of-life in an increasingly connected environment
  • Difference between user authentication and user authorization and why it matters
  • Overview of security for OPC Classic and OPC UA and how the two work together

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? OPC-Sicherheit auf die Sie sich verlassen können, auch in Zeiten von Stuxnet und Co. (Deutsch)
¿Habla Español? Cómo Añadir Seguridad en las Comunicaciones OPC (en español)
Speak Russian? OPC-защита, на которую можно положиться
Onlar Türkçe konusurlar? Stuxnet sonrası Dünyada - OPC Güvenliği Size Destek Olabilir (Turkish)

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