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OPC Training Level 4 - OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA)

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Upon completion of OPC Level 4, graduates will have the following knowledge and skills:
  • Understand the various sections of OPC UA Specifications including Data Access, Historical Access, and Alarms & Conditions.
  • Learn how OPC UA works behind the scenes
  • Understand OPC UA Security model and Information Modeling.
  • Understand the benefits of OPC UA and how OPC components can be used to build efficient and flexible systems
  • Learn Migration strategies from Classic OPC to OPC UA.

Target Audience:

This workshop will be principally targeted to Control and Application Engineers, Integrators, Managers, Operations Managers, Plant Floor Operators, Plant Managers, Product Managers, Technologists, Technicians and managers responsible for the commissioning and day-to-day operation of automation and process control systems. It will also contain information relevant to managers and administrators responsible for the design of process control architectures, selection of technologies and software and the purchase of both hardware and software for these systems. To anyone who is expanding current operations, replacing legacy equipment and looking for ways to improve data communication; our OPC UA hands-on workshops provide a practical approach to learn and understand the methods of accessing data using OPC UA Technology.

Learning Environment:
The workshop will be made up of lectures, PowerPoint presentations, and demonstration exercises. It will be an open and friendly environment that encourages discussion and participation. Students are welcome to discuss current connectivity issues they are faced with and learn from one another.

  • Review of Classic OPC
  • The OPC Unified Architecture Specification
  • The OPC UA Server
  • Client-to-Server Communication
  • OPC UA Security
  • OPC UA Applications
  • Conformance and Compatibility
  •  Implementation

Download the syllabus for more information about each module!



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