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OPC Training Level 1 & 2 - OPC Fundamentals and Diagnostics (OPC Classic)

April 14-15, 2009

Houston, TX, United States
Language: English
Cost: 1695 USD
Professional Development Hours: 14
Registration Deadline: Not available

Course Information
Texas Training & Conference
11490 Westheimer Road, Ste 600
Houston, TX, United States
  • Solve common system connectivity issues using field-tested OPC technology
  • Reduce integration time by learning to install, configure, and test OPC
  • Improve system reliability using standards-based technology
  • Reduce long term ownership costs by building robust systems
  • Quickly troubleshoot and diagnose Windows security problems

For engineers and integrators who are integrating new systems, expanding current operations, replacing legacy equipment and looking for ways to improve data communication; our OPC hands-on workshops provide a practical approach to learn and understand the methods of accessing data through OPC technology.

Unlike other OPC courses that only provide basic lectures, MatrikonOPC provides interactive, hands-on workshops that enable participants to install, configure, and test OPC servers and applications using a variety of OPC specifications including OPC Data Access, Historical Data Access, and Alarms & Events.

Upon completion of OPC Level 1 & 2, graduates will have the following knowledge and skills:

  • Understand the various OPC specifications including Data Access, Historical Data Access and Alarms & Events.
  • Understand how OPC works behind the scene
  • Understand the client/server architecture and how connections are made
  • Learn how to use OPC on the old and new operating systems like Windows 7 and Windows 2008
  • Install and configure OPC servers & clients and Test OPC connections
  • Understand and work with OPC DA data
  • Integrate archives and analyze data using OPC HDA, and
    Configure remote OPC connections.
  • Recognize, identify, and solve various networking problems through common symptoms
  • Understand the inner workings of DCOM and learn how to set or restore an OPC system’s DCOM configuration
  • Use advanced troubleshoot techniques to diagnose and debug any OPC connection and system
  • Solve a series of simulated OPC issues
  • Identify problems related to interoperability
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Day 1 Modules:
  • The Evolution of Classic OPC
  • The OPC Specification for Data Access 
  • The OPC Specification for Historical Data Access
  • The OPC Specification for Alarms & Events
Day 2 Modules:
  • Classic OPC and Windows 
  • The Windows Security Framework
  • OPC Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Download the syllabus for more information about each module!

Materials Included
  • Dedicated use of a computer for the duration of the course
  • OPC Resource Binder
  • Certificate of Successful Completion
  • Meals: Lunch, coffee, tea, soft drinks and refreshments available throughout the day.
    Learning Environment
    The workshop will be made up of lectures, PowerPoint presentations, and hands-on exercises. It will be an open and friendly environment that encourages discussion and participation. Students are welcome to discuss current connectivity issues they are faced with and learn from one another.

    Instructor Information
    Professional MatrikonOPC Instructors
    Our courses are taught by qualified instructors. All of our instructors have an expert understanding of OPC, are well-versed across many industries and are backed by years of practical industry experience.

    Contact Information:
    Email: OPCSales@matrikon.com
    Ph: +1.780.448.1010



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