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Practical OPC Classic and UA Applications

December 6-7, 2023

Virtual Training Americas
Language: English
Cost: 495 USD
Professional Development Hours: 14
Registration Deadline: Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Course Information
This two-day workshop covers the pragmatic aspects of using OPC in industrial settings. From acquiring and managing data from your data sources to traversing domain and network boundaries, this workshop shows you how to work with OPC applications in ‘real world’ settings.  This workshop includes a series of practical exercises in a simulated environment to reinforce the material covered throughout the teaching sessions.
Completion of this workshop provides the participant with a solid understanding of the following;
  • How OPC applications (both Classic and UA) are used to acquire process data in an industrial environment
  • How OPC Classic applications can be used to share data from real-time data sources
  • How OPC Classic applications can be used to share data from historical data sources
  • How OPC UA applications can be used to share data from all data sources
  • How OPC applications can be used to provide redundancy in process control systems
  • How OPC Classic applications handle network traversal to cross domain and network boundaries
  • How OPC UA applications handle network traversal to cross domain and network boundaries

Participants will also gain experience in using the knowledge from this workshop, and the Overview and Concepts workshop, in a practical troubleshooting environment.

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Day 1 Modules
  • Getting Started with OPC
  • Integrating OPC UA and OPC Classic Applications
  • Sharing Automation Data
  • Sharing Historical Data
Day 2 Modules
  • Redundancy in OPC Classic
  • Network Traversal
  • Information Modelling and Data Mapping
  • Data Publishing
Materials Included
Each participant will be provided
  • Access to the VMs required to carry out the practical exercises in this workshop
  • Electronic copies of all required documentation
  • A certificate of completion
A strong understanding of OPC basics, both Classic and UA, are important for participation in this workshop.
Learning Environment
This workshop is made up of lectures, PowerPoint presentations and hands-on exercises. It is run in an open and friendly environment that encourages discussion and participation. Students are welcome to discuss current connectivity issues they are faced with and learn from one another.

Instructor Information
Professional MatrikonOPC Instructors
Our courses are taught by qualified instructors. All of our instructors have an expert understanding of OPC, are well-versed across many industries and are backed by years of practical industry experience.

Contact Information:
Email: workshops@MatrikonOPC.com
Ph: +1.780.945.4099



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