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MatrikonOPC Critical Event Buffer


High speed data capture for critical events and trips.

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MatrikonOPC Critical Event Buffer is an off-the-shelf solution for project teams and engineers who need high-resolution logging for critical data points and want data collection at the source.

Easy as 1-2-3
No other solution lets you start logging millisecond resolution data so quickly and easily. Just browse tags from any OPC-DA datasource, select, and collect!

Critical Event and Trip Logging
Sometimes high-resolution data is necessary only for troubleshooting critical events, such as trips, flares, and outages. Save on bandwidth, storage space, and optimize your historian performance transferring high resolution data only when necessary. Critical Event and Trip logging supports two modes: before and after a trip condition, or between the start and end of a sequence.

Deliver Data Directly into any Process Historian
MatrikonOPC Buffer History-Link module delivers data directly into any process historian’s OPC-HDA interface. In the event of a network outage between OPC Buffer and your Enterprise Historian, History-Link will queue transactions until communications are restored.

Distributed Data Architecture
MatrikonOPC Critical Event Buffer integrates easily into a distributed data architecture. Access data locally at a remote site, or from a central repository with popular analysis tools like Excel Reporter and Easy Trender.

MatrikonOPC Critical Event Buffer Features:

  • Critical Event and Trip logging supports batch and trip capture modes
  • Easily capture millisecond resolution data
  • Based on OPC DA (Data Access) and HDA (Historical Data Access) standards
  • Install remotely for a distributed setup

MatrikonOPC Critical Event Buffer - Architecture Diagram

MatrikonOPC Buffer Manual
MatrikonOPC Critical Event Buffer Datasheet

Technical Details:
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 2000; Windows XP; Windows 2003 Server

Supported OPC Specifications:

  • OPC DA (OPC Data Access) 1.0a
  • OPC DA (OPC Data Access) 2.0a
  • OPC DA (OPC Data Access) 2.05a
  • OPC DA (OPC Data Access) 3.0a
  • OPC HDA (OPC Historical Data Access) 1.00
  • OPC HDA (OPC Historical Data Access) 1.10
  • OPC HDA (OPC Historical Data Access) 1.20



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