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OPC Classic Data Connectivity Notice - 2022 Microsoft DCOM Security Update – Impact and Path Forward

In 2022, Microsoft will complete deployment of a Windows DCOM Security update which may disrupt OPC Classic architectures that rely on DCOM for their network communications. Not all OPC Classic systems will be affected, but OPC Classic users are strongly advised to review the information provided in this whitepaper to confirm whether their systems will be affected and to take timely, effective steps to prevent OPC Classic communication disruptions.

Download this OPC Classic Data Connectivity Notice to get a clear description of:
  • What the DCOM security changes are and what systems they apply to.
  • The potential impact this DCOM security update will have on affected systems.
  • Options for how to solve or mitigate potential connectivity issues
  • Any more.
Download your copy of this whitepaper now!



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