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Sunset Notification - Legacy Products

Effective October 4th, 2016

Our Valued Customers,

In order to provide the best software and product support for our customers, Matrikon International must periodically retire older versions of our MatrikonOPC software and products approaching end-of-life (EOL). This enables us to dedicate all our resources to delivering the latest features, enhancements and support to our current versions - used by most MatrikonOPC customers. Thus, effective October 4th, 2016, we will no longer market, sell or support the legacy products set forth in Appendix A & B to this letter. We understand that connectivity products play an important role in our customers’ businesses, and our goal is to address any questions regarding the details of MatrikonOPC’s end-of-life plan and timeline, and provide a list of replacement products so our customers can make an informed decision.

We will accept last-time-buy (LTB) orders until December 31st, 2016 with a final shipment date of March 30th, 2017, provided that any such orders will be considered non-cancelable and non-refundable. At this time, we have direct replacements for those products listed under Appendix A. Please contact your area sales manager for further replacement recommendations if the product of interest is not included under Appendix A. We will be happy to guide you to a product that meets your company’s needs.

We will be discontinuing development, repair, maintenance and testing for those products set forth herein, including OS updates and patchwork releases. While we will continue to honor any existing support and maintenance agreements paid for in full by our customers, we will not renew these agreements for EOL products going forward. Products purchased during this notice period will be covered by MatrikonOPC’s standard product warranty in the applicable End User License Agreement, however they will not be covered under by our standard support and maintenance services/agreement.

Please contact your MatrikonOPC account manager or channel partner for more information regarding this EOL notice. Thank you for choosing MatrikonOPC as your connectivity supplier.



Local Distributor:

Arun Ananthampalayam
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Appendix A - Replacements

EOL ProductsDirect Replacement Product
MatrikonOPC Universal Connectivity Server (UCS) Plug-Ins seriesStandalone MatrikonOPC Servers
MatrikonOPC Micro HistorianMatrikonOPC Desktop Historian
MatrikonOPC Tunneller™ Software AchillesMatrikonOPC Tunneller™ Software
MatrikonOPC OPC SCADA CLX MatrikonOPC Server for Allen Bradley PLCs
MatrikonOPC Enterprise Historian MatrikonOPC Desktop Historian
MatrikonOPC Server for APACS APIMatrikonOPC Server for APACS Direct
MatrikonOPC Server for PROVOX CHIP MatrikonOPC Server for PROVOX Direct

Appendix B – End-of-Life Products

MatrikonOPC Server for ROC/ROC+
MatrikonOPC Server for Bailey DCS
MatrikonOPC A&E Historian
MatrikonOPC Genie Runtime
MatrikonOPC Genie Development Kit
MatrikonOPC Server for Wonderware InTouch
MatrikonOPC Server for Mettler-Toledo (SICS)
MatrikonOPC Server for RS3 RNI
MatrikonOPC Alarms and Events Server for Real Time Data
MatrikonOPC Server for OpenBSI
CX 1020 Matrikon IADG PLC 8G
CX 1020 Matrikon IWPG 8G
MatrikonOPC ODBC Process Historian
MatrikonOPC Chameleon
MatrikonOPC ROCKit
MatrikonOPC Server for Yokogawa Centum
MatrikonOPC TPN Optimizer
MatrikonOPC Client for Crystal Reports [ODBC Server for OPC]
MatrikonOPC Messenger
MatrikonOPC Server for Honeywell PHD
MatrikonOPC Event Transfer Module (Buffer Edition)
MatrikonOPC Server for Genie
MatrikonOPC Server for Fisher MVCUIII (RMV9000)
MatrikonOPC Server for RTAP Webserver
MatrikonOPC Server for SCADA CAC
MatrikonOPC Server for SCADA DACP (Willowglen RTUs)
MatrikonOPC Server for TVA Dataware
Oracle Shop Floor Connector
Universal Historian Connector
MatrikonOPC IT Health Monitor
MatrikonOPC Archestra UCS Server
MatrikonOPC Classic DA Plug-In
MatrikonOPC Classic HDA Plug-In
MatrikonOPC Client for BSAP



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