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MatrikonOPC and Microsoft Demo OPC UA for StreamInsight


Edmonton, Alberta - February 8th , 2010 - Microsoft and MatrikonOPC, members of the OPC Foundation, are excited to announce that they will be showcasing OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) Connectivity for Microsoft StreamInsight at this year’s OPC Foundation Training Seminars.

The OPC Foundation Road seminars bring industrial and process professionals together in a forum to learn about OPC technology and discuss innovative OPC applications and products. MatrikonOPC and Microsoft will be demonstrating the OPC UA Adaptor for Microsoft StreamInsight at all of this year’s OPC Foundation Training Seminars. Microsoft StreamInsight provides a low-latency complex event processing (CEP) platform that enables organizations to derive insights from streaming data in near real-time for industrial process control scenarios. It is designed to allow industry specific solution developers to utilize proven, flexible, and familiar Microsoft technology and create innovative products to meet the demands of their industry.

Torsten Grabs, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation said "The MatrikonOPC OPC UA Adaptor is a great example of innovative thinking promoted by Microsoft StreamInsight. We’re happy for the opportunity to demonstrate with MatrikonOPC how OPC UA technology and StreamInsight work together to provide value to the wide-spread community of OPC users. The OPC Foundation Seminars are an excellent opportunity for technology partners like Microsoft and MatrikonOPC to talk directly with the end users and better understand how our products add value in their industry."

As components of service oriented architectures (SOA), StreamInsight and OPC UA are a natural fit. MatrikonOPC provides universal connectivity to countless data sources and StreamInsight analyzes streams of event data and helps respond to patterns in these event streams. The combination of standardized data connectivity and complex event processing can be applied to many industrial scenarios, including:

  • Asset-based monitoring and aggregation of machine-born data.
  • Sensor-based observation of plant floor activities and output.
  • Critical alarm analysis including ‘floods’ of multiple thousands of data events per second.
  • Safety critical event and alert generation such as turbine or compressor trips.
  • Proactive, condition-based maintenance on key equipment.
  • Low-latency analysis of aggregated data (windowed and log-scales).
  • Reliable aggregation of data samples across wireless sensor networks
  • Immediate response to variations in energy or water consumption, to minimize or avoid outages or other disruptions of service.

To learn more on how OPC UA universal connectivity and StreamInsight complex event processing technology can be applied in your business, visit MatrikonOPC and Microsoft at the next OPC Foundation Technical Seminar. Date and location details can be found here.

About MatrikonOPC™ (a division of Matrikon™ Inc. [TSX: MTK])
MatrikonOPC provides software to access device data using the OPC standard. Our promise is to help clients unlock the potential of their data and provide them with vendor neutral training and superior client care. We build close relationships with our customers, allowing us to have a true understanding of their business. We help them attain operational efficiency from both a technical and business perspective. With offices in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, we provide local presence on a worldwide scale. We are committed to connectivity. Visit MatrikonOPC at

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