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Short Distance Wireless

Effective communications through short distance wireless gateways.

In order to extend OPC connectivity beyond a wired LAN, complementary technology that effectively supports DCOM-style interfaces across wider network connections is needed. All that is required to support such technology is a TCP/IP-capable layer, which extends OPC communications over wireless networks.

Why Choose MatrikonOPC Wireless-Gateway Suite
MatrikonOPC Wireless Gateway OPC servers are built to be industrial strength and easy to use. Our philosophy on wireless communications is that any product produced by MatrikonOPC must have the ability to provide measurement and diagnostics data for any wireless information system.

• Wireless Devices
   • High quality and reliable devices are integrated wireless solutions.
   • Equipped with a wireless output for data transmission via wireless protocols
     (wirelessHART, Bluetooth, MOSCAD IP)
• Wireless Gateways
   • Wireless Gateways enable robust security
   • Continuously optimize network performance
   • Maximizes data reliability and battery life of the wireless devices.

OPC Wireless Gateways
Using an OPC server designed to communicate with Wireless Gateways provides real time data access to a range of wireless devices. The OPC server connects to the gateway to provide OPC connectivity to a range of solutions that include: small remote telemetry applications, large scale SCADA systems in industry such as Rail infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Mining and Resource, Power Utilities and Water.



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