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OPC Adapter for StreamInsight


Development Candidate
MatrikonOPC constantly develops new products and OPC connectors. The MatrikonOPC OPC Adapter for StreamInsight is being considered for future development and will be prioritized based on interest. Make your voice heard, if you are interested in this product please contact us and let us know.

The OPC Adapter for StreamInsight product includes adapters which provide standardized connectivity to the StreamInsight low-latency, complex event processing (CEP) platform. The OPC Adapter for StreamInsight product enables organizations to derive insights from high-throughput, streaming data in near real-time for industrial process control scenarios.

As components of service oriented architectures (SOA), StreamInsight and OPC are a natural fit. OPC provides universal connectivity to countless data sources where StreamInsight analyzes streams of event data and helps respond to patterns in these event streams.

The combination of standardized data connectivity and complex event processing can be applied to many industrial scenarios, including:
  • Asset-based monitoring and aggregation of machine-born data.
  • Sensor-based observation of plant floor activities and output.
  • Critical alarm analysis including ‘floods’ of multiple thousands of data events per second.
  • Safety critical event and alert generation such as turbine or compressor trips.
  • Proactive, condition-based maintenance on key equipment.
  • Low-latency analysis of aggregated data (windowed and log-scales).
  • Reliable aggregation of data samples across wireless sensor networks.
  • Immediate response to variations in energy or water consumption, to minimize or avoid outages or other disruptions of service.
  • StreamInsight Input Adapter supports DA data sources
  • StreamInsight Output Adapter provides data and event outputs

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OPC Adapter for StreamInsight



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