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MatrikonOPC Client for Verano (HP) RTAP


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Development Candidate
MatrikonOPC constantly develops new products and OPC connectors. The MatrikonOPC OPC Client for RTAP is being considered for future development and will be prioritized based on interest. Make your voice heard, if you are interested in this product please contact us and let us know.

The OPC Client for RTAP provides real time data collection for Verano RTAP (AKA HP RTAP). The application consists of two parts, the first is an RTAP Scan task which runs on Red Hat Linux. This scan task in turn communicates to a second component that runs on Windows. This windows component is an OPC DA Client which can connect to and collect real time data from any compliant OPC DA 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 servers.
The MatrikonOPC Client for Verano (HP) RTAP has the following key features:
•  Supports reading data from an OPC server via masked polling or Spontaneous Report By eXception (SRBX).

•  Supports writing data to OPC servers.

•  Supports deadbanding.

•  Two levels of redundancy:

1). The Scan Task interacts with APMS to determine whether it is running on the online or standby machine and alters its behaviour accordingly. 

2).  The Scan Task is capable of obtaining its data from a standby OPC Server if the connection to the primary OPC Server fails.

•  OPC timestamp information associated with incoming data is put into the RTAP database via the Scan Task buffer.

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