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Encore RMS OPC Server


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The OPC Server for Encore RMS provides connectivity to the Reflective Memory System (RMS). The RMS system is a high-speed real-time "reflective" memory system using Peripheral Component Interconnect Reflective Memory Software (PCI-RMS) interface cards. These cards are tied together on a bus that synchronizes the memory in each card. Users can read/write to this memory and the values are "reflected" throughout the interface cards.

The OPC Server for Encore RMS communicates with the interface card via Encore's Access Library. This Access Library is responsible for brokering information exchanges between the server and interface card. The server is a read-only server and does not write to the interface card.

The OPC RMS Server includes support for:

  • Connect to a single interface card
  • Read access to all OPC RMS Server items
  • Memory mapped functionalities from Encore's access library
  • Optimized for data acquisition
  • Runs as a Windows Service

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