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MatrikonOPC Client for Honeywell OptiVISION


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Development Candidate
MatrikonOPC constantly develops new products and OPC connectors. The MatrikonOPC Client for Honeywell OptiVISION is being considered for future development and will be prioritized based on interest. Make your voice heard, if you are interested in this product please contact us and let us know. 

Matrikon's Honeywell OptiVISION RTC provides Real-Time Connectivity for OptiVISION. OptiVISION RTC automates the data collection from almost any QCS (Quality Control System) such as ABB Accuray 1190, NDC ProNet, and others. Once a paper reel is complete, OptiVISION RTC creates an MxScanProc-compatible file (which contains both turn up and profile scans for the entire reel) in a directory on the Honeywell OptiVISION server. OptiVISION RTC then automatically restarts the data collection for the next reel. The data capture, and file creation are both triggered on reel-start and reel-finish events.

As an alternative to capturing real-time data, OptiVISION RTC can also retrieve information archived in a Process Historian.

Matrikon's Honeywell OptiVISION RTC (Real-Time Connector) includes support for:

  • Data capture uses the OPC DA (Data Access) 1.0 and 2.0 specification. Drivers are available for almost any DCS or PLC from ABB, Bailey, NDC, Valmet, etc.
  • Data retrieval using OPC HDA (Historical Data Access 1.1). Drivers are available for almost any process historian such as OSI PI, AspenTech InfoPlus.21, Kaeverner MOPS, etc.
  • Information transformation from time-based, real-time data to native OptiVISION file format
  • User-defined triggers for data collection and file creation
  • Ethernet connectivity

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