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Matrikon OPC Tunneller™ Software (HDA)

Eliminate the headaches associated with DCOM. Matrikon OPC Tunneller™ software (HDA) gets your networked data communicating fast and painlessly. It doesn't get any easier!

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Matrikon OPC Tunneller™ software (HDA) provides an easy, reliable and effective way to communicate between networked computers. It does away with the headaches typically associated with DCOM configuration. No longer are different protocols, security settings or locations a factor when sharing data between computers. Simply install Matrikon OPC Tunneller™ software (HDA) on the OPC client and OPC server nodes, and then stipulating a computer name or IP address and the port setting!


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Easy Configuration
  • Install Matrikon OPC Tunneller™ software (HDA) on both the OPC Client and
        OPC Server Nodes
  • Define an IP address or computer name
  • Specify a port
  • Specify the timeout value and number of retries
  • Start communicating!

  • Reliable communication:
    Don't put up with DCOM time-out values you cannot dictate; instead, take control and define your own values. While DCOM needs a reliable communication network, Matrikon OPC Tunneller™ software (HDA) deals easily with poor initial network setup, widespread networks, and unreliable network infrastructure, such as satellite or wireless. MatrikonOPC Tunneller (HDA) also allows for user-configurable time-outs, thus giving you complete control.

    Designed for low bandwidth connections:
    Matrikon OPC Tunneller™ software (HDA) implements two compression methods; non-lossy compression and optional lossy compression. As a result, remote stations and other locations that are not equipped with a high-bandwidth infrastructure can take advantage of OPC and all of the benefits it offers.

    Test Number of Items Update Rate (sec) Tunneller Plain vs DCOM Tunneller Compressed vs DCOM Tunneller Compressed vs Tunneller Plain
    Test1 1000 1 54.84% 12.54% 22.87%
    Test2 4000 1 54.93% 12.54% 22.29%

    Communicate with multiple OPC servers and clients simultaneously:
    A single Matrikon OPC Tunneller™ software (HDA) is able to communicate with multiple OPC servers or clients from multiple vendors simultaneously.
  • Fast, easy and reliable
  • Secure transmission ensured through 128 bit encryption
  • Optimized for low-bandwidth infrastructures

  • OPC Tunneller™ software Manual



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