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Download: MatrikonOPC TPN Optimizer Download

The MatrikonOPC TPN Optimizer is so versatile that it can also be used to optimize connections with any OPC Server, not just the TPN OPC Server. Some 3rd party OPC servers make assumptions about OPC client connections, thus providing optimal access only to those OPC clients that are developed to take advantage of the specific, unoptimized OPC server assumptions. To an external, unoptimized OPC server, the MatrikonOPC TPN Optimizer is an OPC client designed to take advantage of the 'ideal OPC client' characteristics. To other OPC clients, the OPC Optimizer is an optimized OPC server link that conforms to OPC DA spec of at least 3.0. This makes the MatrikonOPC TPN Optimizer the ideal product for solving any compliancy and optimization issues between an OPC Client and an OPC Server. v
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