The Key Advantages of Matrikon FLEX OPC UA SDK

Developed by the world’s connectivity expert, Matrikon FLEX OPC UA SDK is designed for developers, system integrators, and device and control manufacturers to embed all the functionality needed for smarter operations and critical IIoT solutions.

High Performance

Built with embedded-first principles, Matrikon FLEX optimizes processing power for maximum throughput, uptime and connections.


Optimized use of memory and process resources makes it easy to embed OPC UA in virtually any new or existing product.

Smaller Footprint

From the smallest MCU to the most powerful multicore CPU, use a single OPC UA SDK for all your product lines.

Easy To Use

Get products to market faster with our easy, drop-in “OPC server-in-a-box” design.

Choose the right SDK when implementing IIoT connectivity

Download our free, no-obligation whitepaper. It reviews the criteria important in choosing an SDK supplier for IIoT applications.

Matrikon FLEX Empowers New and Existing Products with OPC UA

Choose the right SDK when implementing IIoT connectivity

Matrikon FLEX OPC UA SDK the most flexible and powerful way to implement native data connectivity in your new and existing products. Based upon a secure, open standard, FLEX preserves rich data context and is both hardware and OS agnostic. See how easy it is to use the Matrikon FLEX SDK.