Connect. Browse. Monitor.

Matrikon FLEX UA Mobile Explorer is a free mobile tool for verifying real-time OPC UA DA data, as well as testing and troubleshooting connectivity to OPC UA DA servers. It’s a simple, intuitive client for use with OPC UA DA servers developed using our Matrikon Flex OPC UA SDK, or other third-party OPC UA DA servers.

Critical Functions

Matrikon FLEX UA Mobile Explorer Can Do All This :

  • Connect to OPC UA DA servers and browse server tag in address space
  • Navigate hierarchical references in the server address space
  • Read and write values to subscribed node
  • Subscribe and monitor node for data changes
  • Create, modify or delete monitored items
  • View node attributes and type information
  • Configure connection intervals and priority
  • Persist connection info along with monitoring node


Matrikon FLEX UA Mobile Explorer Makes Your Life Easier

  • Easy connection to OPC UA DA servers for testing and troubleshooting
  • Browse and monitor OPC UA data "on-the-fly" with little configuration
  • Intuitive GUI that allows non-engineers operate without much training
  • Availability from both Google Play and the IOS App Store