Alarm & Event Management

MatrikonOPC offers a wide variety of OPC A&E (Alarms and Events) products to store, move, and expose A&E data. Unlike other OPC vendors that provide the bare minimum for data connectivity, MatrikonOPC offers OPC A&E to ensure that you receive all your SOE data.

  • OPC Server for A&E – Create OPC A&E events from real-time OPC values…
  • OPC A&E Explorer – Quickly connect to A&E OPC Server…
  • OPC A&E Historian – Store A&E data from any data source into one repository…
  • Alarm and Event Management – Analysers all alarms and Events

      MatrikonOPC Alarms and Events Server for Real Time Data
    The MatrikonOPC Alarms & Events (A&E) Server provides real-time OPC alarm data for virtually any legacy alarm-generating system. This product will expose all your alarm printer data using OPC standards based connectivity. More Info

      MatrikonOPC A&E Explorer
    Built for integrators, developers, and others using Alarms and Events via OPC, MatrikonOPC A&E Explorer is a free utility for testing and troubleshooting OPC A&E servers. More Info

      MatrikonOPC A&E Historian
    MatrikonOPC A&E Historian seamlessly collects and stores alarms and events data from any data source into a single repository. It allows operators, technicians, engineers and managers to perform real-time alarm diagnosis as well as analysis of this data for critical alarm system information to effectively manage their facilities. More Info

      Alarm and Event Management
    The DynAMo® Metrics & Reporting Alarm and Event management software allows you to collect, benchmark and analyze alarms and events from virtually any data source (SCADA, DCS, PLC's etc.). This easy to use software complies with all known industry standards and operating best practices including ISA18.2, IEC62682 and EEMUA 191. More Info

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