Matrikon OEM (MOEM) Partner Program

The Matrikon OEM Partner Program offers vendors and solution providers different OEM options to fit their business models best and satisfy each vendor's offering's OT Data connectivity and management needs.

The MOEM program offers three levels of Matrikon software integration, including:

  • Bundling Matrikon applications
  • Integration with standalone Matrikon applications
  • Embedding Matrikon source code libraries

Each option uses Matrikon's data technology, such as Matrikon Data Broker (MDB), to expand the OEM's offerings with seamless connectivity and data interoperability.

The Matrikon OEM partner program allows OEMs to leverage Matrikon's expertise and technology to enhance their competitive edge and meet their customers' evolving needs. By partnering with Matrikon, OEMs can benefit from the company's renowned brand, quality software, and exceptional customer support. The Matrikon OEM Partner Program is an excellent opportunity for OEMs to expand their business and their brand with cutting-edge data technology solutions.