Matrikon® Industrial Data Gateway (IDG)

Complete Data Connectivity for Control Automation at the Edge and Beyond

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From remote field conditions to demanding shop-floor environments, the Matrikon® Industrial Data Gateway (IDG) delivers rugged and reliable OPC UA/OPC Classic functionality in a single secure package.   
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OT Reliability meets IT Innovation & Security
IDG combines trusted Matrikon® industrial OPC data connectivity solutions with OPC UA and the latest IIoT era technologies to deliver a trusted, industrial centric, solution ready for you to use in new and existing environments.

On-Board Data Logger Based Data Capture for Assured Delivery
The IDG’s built in data logger can optionally enable you to continually buffer site data on-board so it is preserved in case network connectivity is lost before or during transfer from IDG to a central repository.

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New and Legacy Systems Supported
IDG is the right solution for today’s demanding control automation projects that demand open and secure data sharing between a mix of data sources in challenging environments including:
  • proprietary components
  • OPC classic architectures
  • OPC UA components
  • local (LAN) and remote telemetry (WAN) locations
  • cloud applications
  • unreliable networks
  • And more!

Connect, Manage, and Share Your Data
Beyond a simple OPC UA converter, IDG puts the complete range of Matrikon data connectivity and data management solutions at your disposal. This enables you to use a single, secure data appliance to for all your data related needs such as:
  • Establish 3rd party data connectivity
  • Buffer and access historical data locally
  • Use smart-forwarding technology for guaranteed data centralization
  • Future expandability
  • OPC UA and OPC Classic mix, match, or migrate functionality
  • Optional native Microsoft Azure connectivity via Azure IoT Edge (New)

Industrial Data logger

Matrikon® Industrial Data Gateway (IDG) is a compact, ruggedized data connectivity, logging, and forwarding solution for the edge. Use it for field, shop-floor, and IIoT applications. IDG supports Microsoft Azure IoT Edge connectivity.