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Matrikon OPC Tunneller: Connectivity Exercise

Try out the simple exercise below, and in less than 5 minutes you'll connect to an OPC server located in Northern Canada - from anywhere in the world!

  1. Download Matrikon OPC Tunneller for free here and install it (when prompted, choose "client-side").

  2. From the Windows Start menu, open the "Tunneller Client Config" tool.

  3. Press CTRL+N to access the "Remote Server Configuration" dialog box and input the settings shown in figure A below. The Hostname is "". Next, click connect and close the OPC Tunneller Utility.

  4. Using any Client Application that is OPC compliant, connect to the following server:


    If you don't have an OPC Client, use the default client installed with OPC Tunneller (go to the Windows Start menu and from Programs select Matrikon OPC Explorer).

  5. To browse the Simulation Server tags, add a group and then add tags to the group. Not sure how? Click here for a multimedia tutorial.



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