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Easily and seamlessly log process data. Matrikon OPC Desktop Historian helps optimize operations through analysis and reporting, pulling or pushing the historical data form any historian via OPC.

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Unlocking the true value of your control automation data begins with your ability to capture and access it for future analysis, reporting, and informed decision making.

Capable of handling data capture needs ranging from a few items to tens of thousands of data points per instance, OPC Desktop Historian is the right history tool for use 'in the field' and the shop-floor. Focused on easy setup, easy data capture, and secure local access - ODH can be used as a standalone historian or as a history buffer in larger, distributed store-and-forward history architectures.

HUB and Spoke feature allows ODH to acts as “HUB” or “Spoke” without any external dependency. It now has the ability to pull or push the historical data form any historian via OPC interface without the need for any other product. It also has multi instance ability to configure multiple nodes of Hub and Spoke network.

Matrikon ODH is Risk Free:
For those just getting started with data capture and or those looking to archive fifty items or fewer - Matrikon provides ODH for free, no strings attached. For those ready to take data capture to the next level - Matrikon offers reasonably priced packages for every job size.

Price List
Description Price
OPC Desktop Historian with 50 tags Free
OPC Desktop Historian with 500 tags USD $2200.00
OPC Desktop Historian with EasyTrender, ExcelReporter & FileCollector USD $7500.00

Matrikon OPC Desktop Historian - Architecture Diagram

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Matrikon OPC Desktop Historian:

  • Supports input of historical data through the OPC HDA server (insert, replace,and insert/replace)
  • Supports Strings.
  • Easily and seamlessly archives process data and use it to optimize operations through analysis and reporting.
  • Control the maximum load an OPC client can place on the historian.
  • The Backup and Restore tool.
  • Rolling Buffer Storage Engine (FF7R): the Desktop Historian provides up to 4GB (232) byte data files for the Long Term Storage (FF7) file format.
  • Tag Lifetime that enables tags that rarely change to be updated and recorded to disk.
  • File Collector that intelligently reads data from files and writes data to an HDA server with the support of monitoring multiple directories.

Matrikon OPC Desktop Historian is a key component to an overall Hub-and-Spoke solution. Learn more about OPC Hub and Spoke Solution here

Matrikon OPC Desktop Historian newest features include:

  • Supports history data transfer between two different HDA servers using History Link feature as part of ODH.
  • Support for configuring multiple instances for data archiving in order to share the load (multi instance).
  • Support for configuring multiple transfers for history data transfer in order to share the load (multi instance)
  • Installing OPC Tunneller™ as an optional component.

Get the Manual:
OPC Desktop Historian Manual

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OPC Desktop Historian Datasheet

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Historical Data Archiving is Easier with OPC!

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Get Closer To History With OPC

Quick & Easy to Use:
OPC Desktop Historian installs quickly and easily. It is ideal for those who need to archive process data but don't have the time, resources and money required to implement an enterprise process historian. Click-Select-Collect!
In addition to that it is a stand-alone application with visualization tools or become part of a bigger solution. Its scalability allows it to fit into every process control environment, large or small.

Included with Matrikon OPC Desktop Historian (Demo Versions):
  • Easy OPC Trender: A powerful analysis tool that is easy to use, yet comprehensive enough for the most sophisticated users.
    • Provides user friendly interface from which to trend historical and real-time data.
    • Supports multiple trends simultaneously on their own axis.
  • Matrikon Analytics Excel Reporter: Using Microsoft Excel for reporting and analysis, access all real-time and historical data from any OPC server.
  • OPC Server for Performance Monitor(Demo Version): This OPC server gives windows performance information it is typically part of any IT Health monitor solution. You can measure any process (like an OPC Server) for memory performance, CPU usage, started or stopped etc
  • Matrikon OPC Tunneller™ (Demo Version)

OPC Desktop Historian Datasheet

Supported OS:
  • Windows 7-32b
  • Windows 7-64b
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 2008 Server R2 64b
  • Windows 2012 Server R2
  • Windows 2016 Server R2
Supported OPC Specifications:
  • OPC DA (OPC Data Access) 2.05
  • OPC DA (OPC Data Access) 3.0
  • OPC HDA (OPC Historical Data Access) 1.2
  • OPC Security