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MatrikonOPC OPC UA Embedded Server
Software Development Kit (SDK)

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OPC Foundation Certified The OPC UA Embedded Server SDK from MatrikonOPC is a software development kit that allows you to quickly and easily add an OPC UA Server to your embedded product. Our scalable, standards based SDK can be integrated into every class, from discrete sensors and actuators to programmable controllers and beyond. Add real value to your product by enabling direct point and click configuration, management and monitoring from any OPC UA Client.

This single product is fully configurable and scalable from microcontrollers with 128kB RAM up to high end embedded systems based on ARM9, ARM Cortex-Ax and x86 based processors such as the Intel Atom. The product can be optimized for minimum RAM and FLASH utilization or for large data sets and multiple concurrent client connections.

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Key Features

  • RAM based Address Space that can be fully reconfigured on-the-fly.
  • Simple single threaded ANSI C API implementation.
  • The number of sessions, subscriptions, monitored items and address space nodes supported is solely dependent on your available target resources.
  • Designed with a proprietary memory model . No heap based memory allocation is used to ensure maximum reliability.

Benefits of MatrikonOPC OPC UA Embedded Server SDK

  • Robust, scalable solutions developed from first principles for embedded systems.
  • ANSI C linkable multiplatform software that runs on any OS or RTOS or even on bare-metal systems.
  • Supports the smallest RAM footprint in the industry and scales from 128kB microcontrollers up to ARM9, Intel Atom and beyond.
  • Incredibly easy to use with prototype development in days, not weeks or months.
  • Runs very fast with minimum CPU utilization.

MatrikonOPC OPC UA Embedded Server SDK - Architecture Diagram

Typical Applications

  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Sensors and Actuators
  • Gateway Products for Protocol Translation
  • Building Automation Controllers
  • Drives and Servo-Amplifiers
  • Smart Meters

Example Target Hardware

Example Target Hardware - fasalLINK The fasaLINK OPC UA Server Module pictured is a reference design. The module is based on a 72MHz ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller that costs less than $5. The reference design has been certified as compliant by the OPC Foundation.

The MOXA IA240 RISC-based Industrial Computer
The MOXA IA240 RISC-based Industrial Computer which is based on an ARM9 with 64MB RAM and 16MB flash.

The MatrikonOPC Advantage

MatrikonOPC, the leader in OPC technology provides significant value to the manufacturing space. Now, MatrikonOPC extends data connectivity offering from the desktop down to the micro-controller level enabled by OPC UA. OPC UA Embedded technology complements MatrikonOPC’s existing portfolio, and positions MatrikonOPC at the fore front of the emerging device to enterprise open data connectivity market. The community of partners we currently work with include:

ARMConnected   STMicroelectronics

MatrikonOPC OPC UA Embedded SDK Datasheet
MatrikonOPC OPC UA Embedded SDK Case Study
MatrikonOPC OPC UA Embedded SDK Whitepaper
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