OPC Dynamic Recipe Loading

Dynamic Recipe Loading - Made Easy Using OPC.

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Compared to continuous process based industries, batch process based industries face some additional challenges in maximizing the benefits of using PLC Automation. Whether you are extruding widgets, laying down semi-conductor components, or mixing medicinal ingredients, your plant equipment set up is linked to the product being produced. Your ability to manage your production recipes and produce consistent batches is crucial to optimizing the overall throughput and minimizing downtime.

Batch based industries commonly rely on manual methods of recipe loading which, makes them vulnerable to human error. As a result, batch based industries face various risks like: extended cycle times, wasted batches, quality control risks, and missed process improvement opportunities.

OPC, the de facto standard for vendor neutral data sharing, makes it possible to get the most from the relational data available in the form of OPC DA. Having an OPC Server for relational databases that can support simple table expression and stored procedures allows the dynamic creation of tags.

From any OPC capable HMI, you can select which recipe to load. This will trigger the table-request or stored procedure to provide the recipe parameters. With OPC’s real-time data transfer, the PLC will have all batch parameters and the batch will be ready to run.

The architecture diagram below shows how one might be able to dynamically load recipe data into a PLC from a relational database using common off the shelf products.

OPC Dynamic Recipe Loading in Batch Industry

Dynamic Recipe is a common challenge for the batch industry today. There are simple, low-cost, small footprint, standards-based solutions that enable process engineers, integrators and IT Professionals to build a reliable system. By standardizing on OPC-DA, the solution stays open and flexible, regardless of the PLC, Database or HMI vendor.

Enabling Products:
  MatrikonOPC Universal PLC Connectivity Server (UCS)
MatrikonOPC Universal PLC Server is a single OPC Server that provides connectivity to multiple devices, protocols and APIs. MatrikonOPC Universal PLC Server offers a wide range of plug-ins to support most popular PLC protocols delivering a cutting edge and new horizon of connectivity between vendors. More Info

  MatrikonOPC Data Manager (ODM)
OPC Data Manager (ODM) is a software application that transfers data from one OPC server to another. Use ODM when you need to share, map, and bridge OPC data between two OPC Servers, such as a PLC and a Database. With ODM this connectivity can be accomplished with standard, off-the-shelf software. More Info

  MatrikonOPC Server for Relational Databases
The MatrikonOPC Server for Relational Databases (ODBC) supports both real-time and historical data access to ODBC and Oracle compliant databases. Users may map the OPC point name, value, quality and timestamp by ODBC source table column, custom queries or through pre-configured stored procedures. More Info

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