nFLEXion Consulting Services

nFLEXion Consulting Services, LLC provides quality, innovative, and value-driven control, hardware and integration solutions to the global automation and controls market. Established in 1999 and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, nFLEXion Consulting specializes in Honeywell process control systems, providing hardware, software and system engineering solutions, as well as system integration services to other vendors’ control systems and applications. Through its relationships, nFLEXion Consulting is able to supply both New and Certified Recycled Honeywell systems and parts at competitive prices.

With extensive expertise in Pulp & Paper processes and controls, nFLEXion Consulting have developed and implemented control applications that provide excellent results through quality and production improvements while reducing costs. We also deliver value-driven consulting, projects and maintenance services, as well as specialized documentation and training programs, to numerous clients. In addition to packaged applications, we provide spot services in all areas of Honeywell TDC3000 and Experion systems across a wide range of applications including system upgrades, 3rd party controls enhancements, and integration to actuator packages and other control systems.


nFLEXion Consulting Services Contact Information:
701 West Deer Valley Road, Suite A-8
Phoenix, AZ
United States

Phone: +1.623.374.7580