Founded in 1993, and located right in the centre of the Montreal Multimedia City, IFCS is a Quebec-based firm with a worldwide corporate vision, specialized in the development of asset management software. IFCS is currently the most important asset management software vendor in Canada, with a base of installations in 13 countries. It has a global network composed of technology partners and certified integrators. With its technology partners, IFCS sets industry standards according to users' specific needs. IFCS solutions offer a competitive total cost of ownership. They allow customers to control the complete life cycle of their assets.

The IFCS team is composed of highly qualified engineers, technicians, programmers and trainers. Working by turns at each project stage, these experts have a perfect understanding of all the business sectors in which they work. IFCS values are based on the quality of its services, the professionalism of its employees and the performance of its solutions. IFCS teams are always accessible, and receptive to those they serve.

IFCS is the only asset management software vendor to include industry standards in the basic infrastructure of its solutions. An ORACLE partner since its inception, IFCS uses and implements international technology standards.

IFCS Contact Information:
111 rue Duke, suite 3800
Montreal, QC

Phone: (1) 514 866 5159
Fax: (1) 514 866 2047