Grading Micro Tech. Ltd

Grading Micro Technology(GMT) Co. Ltd.

Grading Micro Technology(GMT) Co. Ltd., started with MEMS technology and a variety of sensors and actuators integrated intelligent automation controllers, provide service to Taiwan and Great China area, was founded in 1997.

GMT has successfully commissioned intelligent automation equipment and projects for Taiwan OEM machinery and Hi-Tec fabs for decades.

We are VAR of worldwide prestigious automation brands such as Azbil, Honeywell, Martikon OPC, Phoenix Contact, Rockwell, Wago, and DTR.In view of global IIOT and Industry 4.0/ Production 4.0 digital convergence mega trend, GMT announced official distributorship and alliance with Honeywell and Matrikon OPC for OPC classic, OPC UA, and OPC SDK software development tools to assist Taiwan industry move toward IIOT and Industry 4.0.


Grading Micro Tech. Ltd Contact Information:
9FL, No. 96, Sec.3 ,Chung-Hsiao East RD., City Taipei , Country Taiwan R.O.C. (106)

Phone: +886 -2-87713666