EMI Engineering & Marketing International SAL

Engineering & Marketing International SAL

EMI is the leader in Process Automation, Asset Integrity, Predictive Analytics and Engineering Monitoring solution in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). We are the provider of high-end technology solutions to our clients throughout our territory since 1992.

Our 30+ employees with trained engineers and professionals with a broad range of education and experience along with 3 sales offices spread between KSA, Bahrain and Lebanon, secured high level of customer interaction, technical consultation, and local support and services directly to our clients, which allowed them to achieve their primary goal, generate greater value and quick return on Investment. For many years, EMI has been providing software, services, Training and hardware primarily in the form of turn-key projects.


EMI Engineering & Marketing International SAL Contact Information:
Galaxy Center, Block A, 3rd Floor, Camille Chamoun Blvd., Chiyah,

Phone: +961 1 278 624/34
Fax: +961 1 276 693