Control-See Software Solutions

Since 1994, Control-See Software Solutions Ltd has set the industry standard with a range of products and services that are changing the face of industrial automation control. The company’s flagship product is U.C.ME-OPC™ – guaranteeing clients the highest level of remote automation control and alarm analysis that benefits their business in every way. U.C.ME-OPC™ saves manpower, time and costs, while ensuring complete reliability and efficiency. At Control-See, we deliver solutions and provide ongoing technical service and support, whenever and wherever it is required. This means your Control-See solution is always operating with optimal efficiency – and your business reaps the benefits.

U.C.ME-OPC™ is alarm notification software that combines a number of advanced features for the most efficient and secure automation control solution on the market today – and the only one that offers alarm snapshots via the web or cell phone.


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