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Create an OPC Server Without Programming!

Matrikon’s OPC Genie (Generic Information Exchange) enables the exchange of process data between OPC compliant applications and any device that supports serial or Ethernet communication. This flexibility enables you to develop an OPC server without sacrificing throughput or data integrity.

Simply configure OPC Genie with the required protocol and all the data will be exposed via OPC! Absolutely no programming is required.

Easy Configuration
OPC Genie is an out-of-the-box solution that is easy to set-up, configure, and manage. Only minimal information and knowledge is expected from potential users, and absolutely no programming is required. A protocol document, included by the device’s vendor, is all that is needed to configure OPC Genie.

Support Multiple Protocols Simultaneously
OPC Genie communicates with multiple serial and Ethernet devices simultaneously. OPC Genie captures the data, custom tailors it to your needs, and then exposes it using OPC. Protocol-specific information is stored in a standard Windows Scripting Component (WSC) using VBScript (including embedded custom VBScript and VBScript variables).

Wizards to Guide Development
Wizards and editors in OPC Genie are an invaluable guide for the novice user and facilitate nearly effortless configuration of protocols. Simply point, click, and browse to define and modify a protocol, and OPC Genie takes care of the rest. The intuitive GUI (graphical user interface) also includes integrated troubleshooting tools, indicators, and clearly laid out protocol components (messages, fields, and items).

VBScript to Support any Device
If a device requires specialized support that is not pre-packaged with OPC Genie, you can easily support it on your own. OPC Genie’s powerful wizards generate standard VBScript. This script can be easily modified to provide support for virtually anything that Matrikon did not foresee.

File Collector
Now file-based batch data can be easily converted to OPC DA data! OPC Genie allows you to easily extract data from almost any structured text file using OPC DA without having to program. You can now have an OPC DA server for your custom text file format! OPC clients can also write data into your custom file format as well. Your text files can now be part of your total OPC solution.

OPC Alarms and Events: (NEW!!)
OPC Genie enables users to trigger Alarms and Events based on the OPC item’s value. Also, Alarms and Events can be triggered based on the calculated value of pre-processed items using the powerful Calculation Engine.


MatrikonOPC's Industrial Strength Guarantee
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