MatrikonOPC offers OPC connectivity for IEC 61850 Protocol


EDMONTON, ALBERTA, Mar 23, 2010 – MatrikonOPC™ is pleased to announce the release of their OPC Server for IEC 61850. IEC 61850 is the international standard for substation automation engineering systems. It defines the communication between substation devices such as IEC 61850 compliant RTU, IED (Intelligent Electronic Device), PLC, meter, transducer, relay, etc. and the related distributed generation systems. The IEC 61850 standard is designed for the protection, control and monitoring of substation information, information exchange and configuration.

The MatrikonOPC Server for IEC 61850 supports all IEC 61850 compliant devices. It enables users to integrate these devices to the other automation components in the enterprise such as HMIs, Historians, ERP and more. With its ability to securely provide open connectivity between all data sources and decision-making points for businesses utilities, the MatrikonOPC Server for IEC 61850 is a main building block in the Smart grid initiative.

"MatrikonOPC is committed to delivering maximum value to all of our customers. With the release of our OPC Server for IEC 61850, Energy and Utilities providers will be able to leverage their engineering systems with a secure and reliable communication tool in order to achieve operational excellence," said Sean Leonard, Matrikon’s Vice President of OPC products.

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