MatrikonOPC’s Server Framework passes Independent Certification


Edmonton, Alberta - February 16

MatrikonOPC is proud to announce that its OPC Framework has successfully completed the OPC Foundation’s highest level of testing - Independent Certification. All MatrikonOPC Servers are based on this Framework and now are all certified.

Tom Burke, President and Executive Director of the OPC Foundation, explained that "with Independent Certification, MatrikonOPC Servers can be counted on to provide the most secure industrial-strength connectivity. The OPC Foundation expects its members to follow the path MatrikonOPC has paved in achieving Independent Certification."

"This certification process is quite extensive and ensures we deliver the utmost quality product to our clients. At the end of the day, our clients expect secure, reliable, and intuitive products from us and we deliver on that expectation, " said Sean Leonard, Vice President, OPC Products at Matrikon.

Independent Test Lab OPC Certification is the process of ensuring that applications meet the standards specified by the OPC Foundation. OPC Certification requires extensive testing to ensure true interoperability. The testing means multi-vendor system interoperability is guaranteed. If your OPC products are not certified, you need to ask your vendor what sort of guarantees they offer.

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