Download: OPC Specifications – Part 2 - OPC Historical Data Access webcast

The MatrikonOPC's webcast "OPC Specifications – Part 2 - OPC Historical Data Access” provides viewers with an introduction to the second most commonly implemented OPC Specification - OPC Historical Data Access (OPC HDA).

This webcast provides viewers with an understanding of what OPC HDA is used for and how it is different than the other specifications (such as OPC DA). Learn about what features and methods are available in OPC HDA such as raw reads and various process reads (such as averages, etc.).

Whether you are an advanced user, or just starting out, the OPC Specifications webcast series will provide you to a theoretical introduction to the most common OPC Specifications.

Main teaching points:
  • Differences between a read raw and read processed
  • OPC HDA tag attributes
  • Components of a OPC HDA historian

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    OLE for Process Control (OPC) is a technology designed to bridge Windows based applications and process control hardware. It is an open standard that permits a consistent method of accessing field data from plant floor devices. This method remains the same regardless of the type and source of data. Therefore, end users are not bound to a single vendor for their data architectures.

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