Download: MatrikonOPC Historical Data 101 - Back to Basics Webcast

How many times have you heard a company tell you that it collects data on everything it does? What do they do with that data? Do they know how to store it and analyze it properly? What is the value to the company of the data that it collects?

These are really good questions that apply to every industry with automated processes. OPC Historical Data – Back to Basics is an interactive webcast designed to examine the problems associated with collecting and storing OPC Historical Data.

Our presenter will explore the characteristics of traditional one-point historical storage and why “Hub & Spoke” architectures are quickly becoming the industry standard.

Main teaching points:
  • Overview of OPC technology
  • Why keep historical logs?
  • Introduction to OPC Historical Data Access (HDA)
  • Typical uses for OPC HDA
  • How a Historian works
  • Examination of Proprietary Historical Data Collection
  • Explanation of Standards-based Solution

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