Download: OPC Server for BACnet Datasheet

The MatrikonOPC Server for BACnet provides real-time data access between OPC Systems and building automation system devices supporting the international building automation protocol BACnet. Unlike proprietary methods, the MatrikonOPC Server for BACnet enables users to perform large scale centralized building control and monitoring from a “single seat” workstation. The BACnet (Building Automation and Controls network) protocol is an American national standard, a European pre-standard, and an ISO global standard used in Building Automation. The protocol is supported and maintained by ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee. The protocol aims to offer more interoperability for devices which are made by different vendors. It is Client/Server based, with the BACnet device functioning as a server. Users can take full advantage of OPC’s connectivity to create robust solutions while maintaining true vendor neutrality. Building control systems can be easily linked to a wide variety of OPC Clients such as: Historians, Trenders… for monitoring and/or control purposes.

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