Download: Increase Data Reliability by a thousand-fold with OPC Redundancy

Adding redundancy to your data communications is the easiest way to improve application reliability – by over 1000% . Every day, OPC Redundancy helps automation professionals around the world ensure maximum uptime for their critical OPC applications.

Attend this webcast to learn about OPC Redundancy Broker (ORB). With ORB, there is no need for expensive custom hardware or complex software and it can be deployed instantly between your existing OPC Clients and OPC Servers today. OPC Redundancy Broker is the world’s most trusted solution for redundant OPC communications.

Main points you will get from this webcast:

  • How to maximize up-time for critical applications with quadruple redundancy
  • How to get notified in the event of communication problems
  • How to get maximum precision for determining when and how to failover

"The OPC Redundancy Broker features that MatrikonOPC provides at the application and server level makes our system very bulletproof," Chris M. Gabriel Distributed Control Systems Specialist, Agrium Kenai Nitrogen

Onlar Türkçe konusurlar? OPC Yedekliği ile Veri Güvenirliğini Bin Kat Daha Arttırabilirsiniz (Türkçe)

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