Matrikon Industrial Data Logger

Guaranteed data delivery from remote third party systems

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Matrikon Industrial Data Logger collects data from assets and control systems, buffers the data locally to ensure zero data loss then forwards that data to a central location for long term archiving.   
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Matrikon Data Logger is perfect for those that need or want:
  • visibility into equipment or process conditions
  • the freedom to view complete, up-to-date historical data
  • an out-of-the-box solution with easy third party device connectivity
  • access to data locally or remotely
  • an open standards based system to future proof their architectures
  • to capture data for regulatory purposes
  • an open standards based system to future proof their architectures

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Universal Device Connectivity
Matrikon Data Logger connects to third party devices regardless of what vendor they are from. With support for multiple data connectivity protocols, Matrikon Data Logger easily communicates with legacy and modern data sources alike.

Different models of this device are available to connect to many different device families. The different models that are available include:

On-Board Archiving Provides Local Access to Historical Data
Matrikon Data Logger continuously collects and stores data to its local drive and makes it available locally remotely. This ability to capture data at-the-source ensures that even if the LAN or WAN goes down, the Matrikon Data Logger continues to capture data without interruption. When network connections are restored, Matrikon Data Logger automatically transfers missing data to head office.

Assured Data Delivery
Matrikon Data Logger continually buffers data so no data is lost when network connectivity is lost with the central data repository. When network connectivity is restored, Data Logger resumes forwarding archived data to the central repository starting from the time when the connection was lost. Data Logger sends the data in chunks and only deletes its local copy when it verifies the data was received on the other side.

WAN and Internet
Data sent by the Matrikon Data Logger is encrypted and compressed for maximum security. In addition, the Data Logger uses OPC Tunneller technology for effortless OPC connectivity across complex IT architectures including, the Internet, over a WAN or across firewalls.

Direct Historian or Database Connectivity
Matrikon Data Logger delivers data directly to your central repository. Standard databases, such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server are supported, and more commonly, process historians, such as, OSI PI, Aspen’s IP.21, Wonderware InSQL/Intouch and many more.

Secure Access Control
Matrikon Data Logger is fully secured from an administrative perspective. Security features include:

  • Application white listing used to restrict what application can run
  • All ports are secured
  • User access is fully controlled
Matrikon Data Logger is ready made for use in systems that must be compliant with NERC CIP and other security requirements.

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