OPC Data Management

Here you'll find products related to the transfer and conversion of data. Leveraging OPC's Client/Server model, these communication enablers can be added to most OPC systems to provide additional functionality.

  • OPC Tunneller™ Software – Fastest and secure way to make OPC connections…
  • OPC Data Manager – Share and map data between OPC Servers…
  • OPC Redundancy Broker – Make all your OPC connections redundant…
  • OPC Funnel – Consolidate OPC Servers into a single OPC Gateway…
  • Condition Manager – perform on-the-fly OPC calculations…

      Matrikon OPC Tunneller™ Software
    Eliminating the headaches associated with DCOM, Matrikon OPC Tunneller™ Software securely connects OPC software right out-of-the-box. For integrators looking to shorten integration time or improve performance, MatrikonOPC Tunneller is the tool of choice. MatrikonOPC Tunneller supports DA, HDA, data compression, encryption, and is extremely easy to install and configure. More Info

      Matrikon OPC Tunneller™ Software Achilles Certified
    OPC Tunneller™ Software from MatrikonOPC is Achilles Level 1 Certified by Wurldtech™ Security Technologies, provider of the most widely used reliability benchmark in industrial automation. The OPC Tunneller™ Software is the only certified Tunnelling connectivity between OPC Systems. More Info

      MatrikonOPC Data Manager
    Easily share process data between multiple control systems. MatrikonOPC Data Manager enables users to move data between incompatible systems using industry standard OPC. Unlike other vendor's products, Matrikon OPC Data Manager supports multiple OPC specifications like DA, HDA, and A&E as well as featuring redundancy. More Info

      MatrikonOPC Redundancy Broker
    MatrikonOPC Redundancy Broker (ORB) lets you transparently add redundancy to any OPC application. Unlike other less robust redundancy solutions, ORB provides high performance, is easy to configure, and provides redundancy for both real time and Alarm and Event data. More Info

      MatrikonOPC Funnel
    Consolidate connections to reduce connection based fees. MatrikonOPC Funnel acts as a gatekeeper to secure your OPC system. More Info

      MatrikonOPC TPN Optimizer
    The MatrikonOPC TPN Optimizer enables you to solve interoperability issues surrounding the Honeywell™ TPN OPC Server. For anyone having problems with their TPN OPC Server, TPN Optimizer is the answer. More Info

      MatrikonOPC Server for Caching
    Easily bridge data between 2 OPC Clients or simulate live systems. MatrikonOPC Caching Server supports the automatic creation of tags upon OPC Client request, making configuration a snap. More Info

      Matrikon Condition Manager
    Matrikon Condition Manager is a powerful calculation engine that enables users to get more value from their automated systems by providing an easy to use platform for the complex calculation of real-time data. Import real-time values from any OPC enabled data source, apply mathematical logic, and then push the values to your control system and any number of OPC applications such as historians, trending and reporting packages. More Info

      OPC Chameleon
    The MatrikonOPC Chameleon Server is a unique object-based real-time OPC simulation tool that was specifically designed to simulate another OPC Server’s tag behaviors. More Info